The membership of the Church consists of people who are committed to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and the mission of the Church; and have been baptized by immersion.

Application for membership can be made to the pastor or the Church Secretary.

Reception of applicant into membership requires the approval of a Church Meeting.

Applicants shall be interviewed by two people set aside by the Church or the Leadership Group who will then report to the Church Meeting:

  • The applicants free decision to commit themselves to Christ and the Church

  • Has participated in the appropriate membership preparation

  • Has been or is about to be baptized to testify of their faith and commitment to Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.

  • If an applicant for membership is coming from another fellowship, a letter of commendation must be sought from the other church.

A roll of membership is kept by the church and members can be removed:

  • Upon request

  • Upon death

  • Upon taking membership at another church

  • By Church Meeting for disciplinary reasons


Membership carries responsibilities which include attention to personal spiritual health, practice of regular attendance at worship services, Church Meetings, financial support of the Church, general involvement in Church life as is possible.